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The CPAC is happy to announce the return of after school programming on-site at Capilano Elementary. All after school programs start immediately after dismissal and are located at Capilano in either the gym, music room or a classroom. Pick up times vary with the program. Grade offerings, program duration and enrollment are at the discretion of the program organizer and are not determined by the PAC. 

Term 3 After School Programs at Capilano

MONDAYS [3-4:30PM]

BrainSTEM Academy

Grades 2 to 7

April 8 - June 17

Robotics Engineering: Intro to Sequencing and Sensors *Updated* A robotics engineer is responsible for design, creating, and programming robots and robotic systems to be able to perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. Robots help make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry. The specialist and managers will learn about the basics of robotic engineering, building a robot, design possibilities, material requirements, and programming. They will use the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 TRACKER robot kit and EV3 Classroom (Scratch like) GUI software. They will face different challenges having fun using STEM education models. Robotics Engineering: Advanced Sensors *Updated* A robotics engineer is responsible for designing, creating, and programming robots. Robotic systems can perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. They help make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry. The specialist and managers will reinforce their robotic concepts from the intro to Sequencing and sensors course. They will work with the sensor and advanced programming to face a variety of challenge mixing mechanical design and programming design to solve problems. The LEGO® Mindstorms EV3TRIBOT Model materials and the EV3 Classroom (Scratch like) GUI software are also used in this course. The children will face different challenges having fun utilizing the STEM education model.


Private Coaching Co

K to 3

April 3 - June 12

About PCC: Private Coaching Co’s mission is to help millions of kids fall in love with sport and get physically active. To this date, we have worked with thousands of athletes and helped them do just that. Now we want to help your school do the same. Expect your athletes to be smiling and breathing hard when you come to pick them up! As we move through each week, athletes will learn skills and abilities that they can practice at home and in a sporting environment. Program Description: This excitement filled program focuses on fun, physical literacy and sport skill improvement through fun games and activities. Participants will move through a variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton, football, volleyball, hockey, and several PE style games such as dodgeball, kickball, tag and more. Athletes will be fully submerged in the world of sport and are bound to leave the day with a smile on their face, eager for the next day. Note: This program is open to participants of any level or experience.


Tiger Eye Karate

K to 3

Apr 5 - June 14

Tiger's Eye Karate-do Certified black belt instructor will help children and young youth to develop a solid Foundation for self-discipline, focus, responsibility, respect, while increasing their strength, flexibility, coordination, control, balance and having FUN. Students will learn a variety of martial arts moves such as strikes, punches and blocks to the target. Our goal for every student is to make them the best that they can be and reach their full potential by goal setting, taking responsibility, confidence and self-esteem. Note: New students are required to purchase Tiger's eye Karate uniform as it is mandatory to all students to attend classes with karate uniform on and it is NOT included in the registration fee. Please contact 604-616-5209 by text or email to order one!


Lights Up Musical Theatre

All Grades

April 16 - June 11

Sing Dance Act Shine! At Lights Up Afterschool, your child can experience the joys and benefits of musical theatre by taking part in our afterschool programs led by our talented and experienced Lights Up Musical Theatre Schools staff. These classes are a unique introduction to our weekend musical theatre programs and provide students with an enriching, rewarding, and most of all, fun afterschool activity right at the bell! SPRING SHOW! THE LORAX This Spring, we will be putting on a musical version of “The Lorax,” inspired by the popular movie (and of course, book) created for our afterschool students! Students are supervised from the bell. No need to pick up your child until 5.15pm! Performance for parents on the last day of classes!


Paper Crow Creative

All Grades

April 11 - June 6, excl May 9

Paper Crow Creatives team, offers a fun filled arts & crafts program for your child to express their creativity and individuality. We help them build confidence and self-esteem while working on their fine motor skills, literacy skills and self-expression through concept to completion of a project. They will be exposed to a variety of techniques from multimedia, collage, painting, clay modelling, tie dye, sewing and more. Throughout the term, the children will be learning new skills and sharing their ideas in an inclusive and friendly environment.

Additional Local Out of School Care options

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