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Welcome to the Capilano Elementary School community! Here is everything you need to know to make the upcoming school year a success!

Traffic Monitors

To increase safety and reduce congestion, parent volunteers monitor traffic at pick-up. Please follow and respect their direction. Two volunteers are needed each school day. One for the back of the school to monitor drop offs. One for the corner of 20th and Bridgman for the crosswalk.

Traffic rules

 Drive clockwise around the school, and don’t perform u-turns

 Use the drop-off and pick-up zone

 Don’t park in the no-parking zones

Don’t enter the staff parking area (wheelchair access exempt)


​For increased safety and reduced congestion, we worked with the city and the school to create special traffic rules.

Taught in class, our traffic rules may be different to your individual approach – but we ask that you observe them.

​​​A healthy alternative
​Parking behind or a block or away from the school alleviates congestion and gives kids a little fresh air before class. 


Back-to-School Road Safety Tips from NVSD

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