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Pepperoni Pizza


Order Friday hot lunch for your child, through MunchaLunch! It not only gives parents with a break from making them, but the  revolving menu satisfies the fussiest eaters, and takes sensitivities and allergies into account.​ 


Sign up for MunchaLunch​

​Once the account is created, you will order through the same web page.


Save time & order for the whole fall session at once! 


Or place orders each week for the following week. in order to give our vendors time to prepare, ordering will roll over each Friday at noon prior to the following lunch week


Pay directly through MunchaLunch

Please make full payment upon ordering as unpaid orders will not be fulfilled. 


Reminders: Send cutlery & look out for leftovers!

  • You MUST send your children with their own cutlery. None will be provided for you at school.

  • Your children's lunch waste will be sent home with them so please ensure that their backpack is big enough to accommodate or send an additional bag on Friday's.


Ordering instructions:

1. Register



2. Click  ‘Order Lunch’ on the top menu bar and order one child at a time

3. Make your selections as you move through each day’s menu

4. After making your selections please go to the very las menu > click FINISHED > NEXT > SUBMIT > you will then be taken to the payment page to complete your order. 

5. Pay for order - You will have 1 hour to pay for the full order and after that if payment is not received your order will be automatically deleted by the system. 

6. You will be able to place new orders and edit or delete orders you already have until the Friday at noon prior to the following lunch week. 


  • Ordering: Families can order for the whole fall session at one time, or they can place orders weekly.

  • Cut off: Weekly orders are cut off 7 days prior to the hot lunch date (noon the Friday before) in order to give our vendors time to fulfill the orders.

  • Changes/cancellations: Can be made up until the noon, 7-day prior cut off time. After this time, we cannot adjust or cancel your order for the upcoming lunch

  • Missing hot lunch day: If your child won't be at school on a day that you've ordered hot lunch, please email by 9:30am if you'd like to pick up or pass on their lunch. Pick ups will be placed on the drop table in front of the office at 12:15pm. Please tell us your child's name, teacher and division number.

  • Payment: Unlike in previous years, you will need to make full payment upon ordering. Orders left unpaid for more than 1 hour will automatically by deleted.

  • Cutlery: Students MUST bring their own cutlery from home. Cutlery will not be available at school.

  • Popcorn/smoothie questions: Popcorn and smoothie days are organized by the Grade 7 grad committee and as such, please direct any questions on these days to

Noodles and Sushi

Need help?

​For any questions about the MunchaLunch platform please use the following link: 

All other questions can be sent to Virginia or Carla at

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